Blood Saw (2021)

Short Film (Horror)

Blood Saw is the 10-minute tale of a handyman that buys a sketchy table saw, only to discover it has a hunger for flesh and blood. Created specifically for Night Mind’s 2021 Halloween Candy Bowl.


Official Selection
Night Mind — Candy Bowl – 2021

Wolf Tree Film Festival – 2022

Official Selection
Motor City Legacy Horror
Convention & Film Festiva
l – 2022


Directed and written by
Forrest DePoy

Assistant Director / SFX
J.A. Wadsworth

Music composed by
Eric Cullison

Supporting Cast
Isabelle Hanson, Stanley

Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.

The 2021 Halloween Candy Bowl theme required we create a video piece that met two key prerequisites:

  1. Invoke the feelings and aesthetics of 2010’s internet horror (creepypastas, video ARG series like Marble Hornets, etc).
  2. Make it bloody!

Working with my film colleague J.A. Wadsworth on this project, I took lead on this. We originally started with the idea of a found footage movie revolving around the found tapes of a cult’s training practices, but that seemed too difficult and abstract to make happen with our timeframe and budget.

Wadsworth at some point mentioned he had recently bought a table saw that we could potentially use as a prop. Over time we kept circling back to his idea. Eventually I came to him with a simplified film proposal: a story about a cursed table saw. It’s simple, could easily fit the “cursed object” creepypasta genre, and could be make for a visually bloody flick!

We agreed to pursue this and I moved forward with a script. To bring this closer to the 2010’s internet horror genre, we filmed in 4:3 as most early 2010’s footage was still shot in this format. Once I finished the script, Wadsworth and I storyboarded this at his house, then days later we filmed it in one weekend with two follow-up shots on separate week days at other locations. Wadsworth was an MVP in the lighting, sound, and special effects departments. The entire arm cutting scene was thanks to his planning.

Once completely filmed around early October, I put together the rough cut a week out from our October 22nd deadline. Eric Cullison, our composer, made a score to accompany the rough cut while I tweaked final colors and sound. On the day of the submission deadline, Blood Saw’s final cut was complete and submitted!