Misc. Content

Misc. Content is everything that falls outside of my usual portfolio categories such as Short Films, Documentaries, and Music Videos. Some of it is good, where as the rest is simply there for archival purposes.


St. Clair Wedding (2016)

Some commercial work that I was paid to help out on. I was Assistant Camera throughout this entire project. Very long, but very fun day.


Fall 2016

In the fall of 2016, I first began using Super 8 film. This video is the very first roll of footage that I ever recorded. Film stock is the usual Tri-X reversal. Processing by Spectra Film and Video, scanning by Gamma Ray Digital.


Nostalgia Trip

Nostalgia Trip is a compilation of all the old, terrible videos I made when I was younger. Some of the videos come from the age of F.D. Productions, but the much of the rest predate that venture. Expect lots of low res shorts shot on an LG Vortex and a Motorola Razr, plus some Halo 3 clips captured using sketchy external sites. This half-hour long compilation of bad videos is here to serve as a time capsule for my youthful beginnings as both a person and a creator.


Other Videos

The rest of the miscellaneous videos under the Dirtyfox Productions wing that aren’t too important to dedicate an entire entry to, so instead we have an entire playlist for them that is constantly updated as new oddball content is produced. Please enjoy.