Web Series

Indiana’s Most Haunted is an unrated, online web series where local ghost hunters (known as the Explorers of Paranormal Happenings) investigate hauntings, rumors, myths, and legends across Indiana. The show also has its own Facebook page.

Explorers of Paranormal Happenings is an Indiana-based group of urban explorers, ghost hunters, and legend trippers who specialize in a wide range of topics such as parapsychology, cryptozoology, ufology, demonology, and much more. Indiana’s Most Haunted acts as a spin-off series to the standard EPH online videos, which can be found on their YouTube channel.

Indiana’s Most Haunted is the longest project I have ever been a part of. I run every single aspect of it from the location research and equipment acquisition to the post-production and editing. Below is a detailed dissection of each season in the series including each season playlist. Because of how long the series has been running, the production value drastically increases throughout the years.

Season One (2014)

From Explorers of Paranormal Happenings, field investigator and recruit Forrest and Isabelle travel across the state of Indiana in search of paranormal activity. Indiana’s Most Haunted Season 1 explores abandoned factories and hotels, haunted cemeteries, and infamous bridges in order to record any evidence of supernatural beings or the like.

Season Two (2014-2015)

From the Explorers of Paranormal Happenings come field investigators Forrest, Isabelle, and their special guests as they tackle some their most anticipated supernatural investigations yet. Walking through the dead of night, they confront haunted cemeteries, eerie forests, cursed lakes, abandoned military bases, and more in search of ghosts, monsters, or anything else of the sort.

Season Three (2015)

Explorers of Paranormal Happenings return once again to investigate local legends and rumors of northern Indiana. In Season 3, Forrest and Isabelle return with special guests in order to investigate and explore abandoned roads, bridges protected by monsters, demonic schools, as well as some return investigations to our top favorite locations!

Season Four (2016-2021)

Explorers of Paranormal Happenings return once more to bring out the scariest Indiana has to offer. Urban myths and haunted locations are everywhere and we’re here to shed light on the legends. In Season 4, nowhere is safe.

Season 4 is the final Indiana’s Most Haunted season, ending with the biggest, most chilling episode the team has ever produced!