God Among Men (2016)


Grieving over the death of his beloved, one troubled boy faces the consequences
of his actions through the malleability of his newfound life.

God Among Men is a proof-of-concept short film showing what would happen if a troubled young adult suddenly woke up one day as an omnipotent being. This conflict is meant to reflect on the conceptual dichotomy between the state of complete control in one’s life and that of having no control. Directed, edited, produced, and written by Forrest DePoy, this short film was shot on a shoe-string budget and created over the course of half a year as part of a self-introduced challenge set by the director to break into filmmaking with little to no experience.

Director: Forrest DePoy
Composer: VAULT
Production Company: Dirtyfox Productions
Format: Digital


Nominated for Best Student Film Award
The Alhambra Theatre Film Festival – 2016

Official Selection
Prelude2Cinema Presents Film Festival – 2016

Official Selection
International Kusadasi White Pigeon Film Festival – 2016

Official Selection
MayDay Film Festival – 2016

Official Selection
IndieWise Virtual Festival – 2016