Northern Frights Festival – Official Selection!

I have just learned this evening that The Stillborn has been officially selected to screen at the Northern Frights Festival, a horrow-themed Canadian film festival at the Sudbury Theatre Centre in downtown Sudbury, Ontario! This will be The Stillborn‘s very first international screening, so I’m thrilled to hear this news. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this one in person (it’s an eleven hour drive from Indianapolis and I don’t have my passport yet) but I will certainly be there in spirit! The festival takes place on October 21st for those interested, and I will be certain to include an update once the website festival has been updated to reflect the actual screening times.

To learn more about the Northern Frights Festival, please visit


UPDATE: Open Projector Night & More!

Quick news update: the schedule and ticket prices for the Open Projector Night in Grand Rapids, Michigan is now available at! It would be awesome to see some familiar faces out there, so please do consider coming to support me and everyone else who made The Stillborn possible!

Open Projector Night

  • Wednesday, August 16, 2017
  • 8:00pm 10:00pm

8:00 pm
UICA Members: $4, Public: $8
OPN: Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Speaking of The Stillborn, the short has been selected once more as a Semi-Finalist in another international festival! This time it is for the Les Films de la Toile event in Saint-Denis, France. The event takes place October 1st, and more details are soon to come, so please stay tuned!



Open Projector Night – Grand Rapids, MI!

The Stillborn has been officially selected to screen at Open Projector Night 2017 at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday, August 16th! The Wednesday event will run from 12 PM to 9 PM. The official screening schedule for the day is still TBA and ticket ordering is currently unavailable, but when they become available this post will be updated to reflect that change. I will be in attendance at the event to watch the screening and to also attend the short film’s Q&A afterwards, so please consider joining me on this day! Thank you.

For more information on UICA’s Open Projector Night, please visit their website at

The Stillborn – New 2017 Short Film!

The official movie poster for The Stillborn (2017)

Today I am proud to announce my latest short film, The Stillborn!

The Stillborn is a Super 8 short film created entirely on Kodak VISION3 50D Color Negative film stock. The widescreen aspect ratio was achieved using a Panasonic AG-LA7200 anamorphic adapter. Featuring Jack Saunders as Michael, with make-up by Tyler Marcotte and Sonnia Robinson as Production Assistant.

This short acts as an artistic rebirth of a now cancelled project titled Red Timbers, a short horror film intended to be shot in the summer of 2016, but scheduling conflicts prevented the film from being made. Inspired by the works of Yasujirō Ozu, The Stillborn utilizes a minimalist narrative about the acceptance of failure and flat cinematography to convey an unnerving viewing experience.

The film is currently scheduled to hit over 20 select film festivals as soon as possible. Acceptance to these festivals remains to be seen, but as soon as the film gets accepted to any, I will be certain to post another news piece about it! After the festivals are over, the film will be uploaded online for all to see. Big thanks to everyone out there who has helped bring this film to life! Stay tuned for more news on The Stillborn, as well as its upcoming worldwide release. Until then, enjoy some stills from the short film below:

Vimeo, Short Films, and More

Good morning everyone. The last time I posted an update was back in November. With the end of the 2017 Spring semester coming up next week, I would like to get back in touch with the world and talk about the things I’ve been working on.

First thing’s first, I have a Vimeo page now. It will serve as the main portfolio for all of my video work (as Vimeo allows for much higher quality video than YouTube), but I will still continue to use YouTube as the dumping ground for everything not-so-important. As an example, I posted my cut of a music video I worked on last year. More professional work like this is soon to follow.

Secondly, what am I working on? Currently I am in pre-production for a new short film being shot the last week of May. I needed a creative break and this project is going to do just that. Everything will be shot on anamorphic Super 8mm film, which should be a lot of fun. More information on this project will be teased as we get closer to the shooting date.

The feature film I announced that I was creating, Prisoner’s Cinema, is being delayed so I can continue to perfect the script and secure funding for the project. There has been a lot of positive support being shown for this project, so I need to thank you all for your help and ask for your continued support in this endeavor!

Outside of all that, I do not have much more to add. Being a full-time student has proved very difficult, both mentally and financially. I am doing my absolute best to balance my academics with my creative endeavors, but they both require so much of me. I continue to struggle with finding this perfect balance and must again thank all of those that support me along the way.

Thank you.


Forrest DePoy


My Career, My Future – An Update Video

Dirtyfox Productions is currently undergoing an evolution. While I currently attend classes and work on my craft, I am simultaneously developing this brand and working on getting a number of projects off the ground – namely a feature film tentatively titled Prisoner’s Cinema. I’m working very closely with an incredibly talented screenwriter by the name of Shirley Day and am currently recruiting a team together to help Kickstart the project in March 2017. More news on that to follow. This current update video is one that has been long due. This was made in celebration of the Dirtyfox Productions YouTube channel reaching well over 300 subscribers and it also acts as a channel news video, describing where I am right now and mentioning that things are going to be a little slow right now as I work on these bigger projects. So please, stay tuned as more information rolls out!

South Bend Renaissance | Official Trailer

Dirtyfox Productions presents a brand new documentary currently in post-production, watch the official trailer right now! There is a cultural movement growing to bring attention back to the arts in the city of South Bend, Indiana. One man claims to be the sole architect of it all, but is he really all he appears to be? Stay tuned for more news on the development and upcoming release of South Bend Renaissance.



It’s Been a While.

So, first things first: God Among Men has been selected for a fifth festival premiere. I know, totally random, right? This time, the little short film is being given the online festival treatment through IndieWise’s Virtual Festival. I do not know very much about this festival other than it is a video platform trying to get its feet off the ground. If you feel inclined to watch God Among Men on their site, then by all means, click the link below.

Click here to watch God Among Men through IndieWise!

Personally, I don’t see the point when it is fully available for free on the Dirtyfox Productions YouTube channel, but I digress. You do you, and I’ll do me.

With that aside, hello! It has been a few months since I’ve last posted on the website or any of the social media pages. The reason being for the mysterious silence is because I moved to Indianapolis for school and my career. Only now am I becoming adjusted to things. As you might have recently seen, Indiana’s Most Haunted has just received two new episodes. Yes, that’s right, I’m back to work! IMH episodes are currently being scheduled as we speak.

Outside of IMH, I’m working very hard on coming up with new, original content that I will personally enjoy making and being apart of. One thing I have planned is a feature-length film, 80 minutes maximum. It is going to be very difficult, but I have confidence in myself. Having created every detail of God Among Men, written and produced the currently postponed Red Timbers, shot the entirety of and currently editing the South Bend Renaissance documentary, and having undertaken all of my past miscellaneous work with video has led me to feeling like I have what it takes to pull something like this off.

I want the film to be a substantial piece of actual, artistic merit so I’m giving myself several months to sit down and write this out. Being a lone wolf in the film industry is not a good idea, at all, so I’m absolutely comfortable with the idea of seeking out assistance with penning this all down. For now, sadly, I write this alone. I cannot say much right now, but I can say that the film is going to be shot on a mix of Super 8 film and digital anamorphic video, together at a 2K resolution.

Besides the film, I have no other news on any projects in the works. A lot of my older fun stuff were collections of moments captured while I was with my friends, like A Guys’ Video Collection and Band of Idiots. Despite their collective shittiness in quality, I still feel like they contain some of my favorite and most original work in terms of soulful, short B-content. I want to produce more B-content besides IMH, but I have no inspiration nor the resources or friends to pull these things off. I am hoping this changes over time.

Soon the Dirtyfox Productions YouTube channel is going to reach 300 subscribers. In celebration, I plan on releasing a very special video that chronicles the content I have made, what I am currently working on, and my goals for the future. It won’t be your usual cut-and-paste Channel News-type of video. My intention for its message is to distinguish a fine line between my work from then and my work of now. One might argue that it will be the introduction to Chapter 2 of Dirtyfox Productions.

Channel News June 2016

To celebrate Dirtyfox Productions reaching over 200 subscribers on YouTube this week, we’re releasing a special edition of Channel News June 2016 detailing the current state of affairs, Indiana’s Most Haunted, the new documentary with a special sneak preview, as well as news on other unannounced projects. Thank you again for your support!