A Guys’ Video Collection

A Guys’ Video Collection was an old F.D. Productions web series that was eventually absorbed into Dirtyfox Productions. The web series consists of short films shot entirely run-and-gun style on an HTC Rezound, featuring Aaron, Brett, and Forrest in a series of misadventures and shenanigans. The series was intended to present absurd and immature comedy through a harsh mix of mundane realism, hectic editing, and copyrighted material.

Below is a detailed dissection of each episode in the series.


A Guys’ Night Out

Clocking in at eighteen minutes and forty-four seconds, A Guys’ Night Out was the first entry in the series. Originally just a standalone video spiced up with music, sound effects, and graphics built into Wondershare Video Editor, it was made with the intent of showing fellow high schoolers what an average night spent with the three guys would entail. It first released March 17th, 2013.


A Guys’ Week Off

After a plethora of praise and laughs, a big sequel was planned. With spring break right around the corner, director Forrest DePoy had begun production weeks before and collected footage of the three amigos once again, as well as other high school friends doing what they all did best: nothing educational. This was done to give the sequel a more homey, slice of life feel, as well as to act as a thanks to those who enjoyed the original. A standalone preview video was released March 31st, 2013, featuring footage not seen in the final release. The preview can be seen in the playlist at the top of the page.

Once spring break finally began, the three amigos got together for one more night of shenanigans. Initially there was trouble because they couldn’t decide on what they should do for the video, but eventually enough footage was caught to craft an even better experience than the first. A Guys’ Week Off was released April 5th, 2013.


Brett’s Party – A Documentation

With plans in mind for a third entry (what the three amigos would dub their “threequel”), Brett’s birthday party occurred in 2013 and a spin-off video documenting the entire night and morning after was made as a birthday gift. His video would then be included into the series as the last full video entry and was released May 27th, 2013.


Deleted Scenes from A Guys’ Video Collection

After the termination of F.D. Productions, the web series wouldn’t see another video until almost two years later. In celebration of the then-upcoming series Band of Idiots, a compilation of deleted and unused footage from A Guys’ Night Out and A Guys’ Week Off was released on March 14, 2015, three days before the two year anniversary of the first video.

However, the deleted scenes compilation also included all of the footage that was captured during the making of A Guys’ 3D Sequel, the final video in the series that was eventually cancelled. A Guys’ 3D Sequel was going to be the legendary “threequel” and was going to be shot entirely in 3D using two HTC Rezounds. The video was planned to have a much bigger budget with a freeze frame style intro, a fight sequence with visual effects, an overarching narrative, and stunts that would eventually be moved into Band of Idiots. Due to over-ambitiousness and technical inexperience, the video would never see completion.