June 2019 Update

Hey everyone, Forrest here. Not much has happened since I graduated in December. I’ve bounced between a few gigs for a bit and began work at a local news station for a little while, but I’ve since put in my two weeks in order to take some time off and reconsider my career path.

Creatively, I’ve been hard at work with horror artist Carlos Sánchez Polo to bring to life issue #1 of Viva the Hunter, a six-part dark fantasy comic book miniseries continuing the story of my 2018 short film Some Place Safe. Issue #1 retells the events of the film in expanded detail while the rest of the series will explore Viva’s journey into a secret world of goetic demons, evil witches, and nunchuck-slinging werewolves.

The script for issue #2 is almost complete while the inks for issue #1 are still under production. At this time I cannot confirm whether Polo will remain as the lead artist for the remaining issues, as he’s expressed interest in pursuing their own endeavors, but if not then I’ve been in talks with other artist friends. The show must go on!

The only remaining news I have to share is that I will be updating my website soon to reflect the addition of my new writing endeavors. I will also be looking into hosting my own domain for Viva the Hunter. The current plan right now is to host the comic online for free to gain an audience and also have links where folks can buy the complete series in physical form.