Two New Short Films – Now Available!

Well, it’s been a busy year. As far as things go, I am officially closing out 2017 having made three short films: The Stillborn, The Mission, and Moments of Eternity.

The Mission was created in the last few weeks as part of a final assignment for one of my film courses at IUPUI. The short was filmed in one sitting and I wrote the script the night before so it was quite a haphazard endeavor, but it has had excellent reception from my fellow peers thus far. Though not officially a Dirtyfox Productions piece, I consider it my highest quality student piece and rank it amongst my best works.

Moments of Eternity was created as part of an independent study I enrolled in this semester as part of a last minute offer by one of my professors. This short acts as the first part of my feature-length script, Prisoner’s Cinema, and in it’s current standing I officially see it as a student production. This short was filmed on a Panasonic GH4 with a modified Panasonic AG-LA7200 anamorphic adapter.