Vimeo, Short Films, and More

Good morning everyone. The last time I posted an update was back in November. With the end of the 2017 Spring semester coming up next week, I would like to get back in touch with the world and talk about the things I’ve been working on.

First thing’s first, I have a Vimeo page now. It will serve as the main portfolio for all of my video work (as Vimeo allows for much higher quality video than YouTube), but I will still continue to use YouTube as the dumping ground for everything not-so-important. As an example, I posted my cut of a music video I worked on last year. More professional work like this is soon to follow.

Secondly, what am I working on? Currently I am in pre-production for a new short film being shot the last week of May. I needed a creative break and this project is going to do just that. Everything will be shot on anamorphic Super 8mm film, which should be a lot of fun. More information on this project will be teased as we get closer to the shooting date.

The feature film I announced that I was creating, Prisoner’s Cinema, is being delayed so I can continue to perfect the script and secure funding for the project. There has been a lot of positive support being shown for this project, so I need to thank you all for your help and ask for your continued support in this endeavor!

Outside of all that, I do not have much more to add. Being a full-time student has proved very difficult, both mentally and financially. I am doing my absolute best to balance my academics with my creative endeavors, but they both require so much of me. I continue to struggle with finding this perfect balance and must again thank all of those that support me along the way.

Thank you.


Forrest DePoy