MayDay Film Festival and More!

Today marks the official announcement of GOD AMONG MEN’s fourth film festival. The MayDay Film Festival in Evansville, Indiana has officially selected GOD AMONG MEN to be played May 21st, 2016 at 5:30PM CDT. Our film was selected to participate in this film festival out of a total of 443 submissions, so we’d like to personally thank MayDay for accepting GOD AMONG MEN!

In other news, production on RED TIMBERS will be going on temporary hiatus until further notice. There’s been an issue with scheduling shooting dates and so we’re putting things on hold for now. However, Dirtyfox Productions is still hard at work creating new content, specifically on a short documentary and a fourth season of a web series we all know and love.

Stay tuned, friends. More news is soon to follow!


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The official schedule for MayDay Film Festival 2016 as of May 3rd.